What Client’s Say

They Put In the Work & It Paid Off!

“Jaryd is hands down one of the most knowledgeable trainers, I’ve ever had. He helped me achieve what I never knew I could with my body.”


(Cape Town, South Africa)

“After struggling for many years, Jaryd helped me to gain confidence, improve my health and my life.”


(Cape Town, South Africa)

” Jaryd is an amazing trainer! He kept my workouts fun and motivated me like crazy. Don’t hesitate, just call him!”


(Cheshire, England)

” If you want amazing results, give Jaryd a call! He will push you past your limits while still keeping it fun.”


(Cape Town, South Africa)

“Amazing PT who is supportive right the way through your journey.

His no BS approach is amazing and it’s made me rethink where I have been going wrong. He also coaches you to eventually go it alone rather than needing him forever.

So wherever you are in the world, get in touch with this guy… you will NEVER look back”


(Birmingham, England)

“Jaryd has been a key part in transforming my thinking and approach to my fitness and well-being in general when it comes to movement and nutrition.
I truly appreciate the coaching and guidance he provided as I not only changed my mindset about my nutrition but also helped me alleviate my dislike of strength training. And all of this via Zoom and support chat. Now I do enjoy it! lol
He will be sure to look after you too whatever your goals may be 🙂 well worth it!”

(New Zealand)