Who is this guy? 

I trained in artistic gymnastics for over 10 years & competed internationally, representing South Africa. I believe gymnasts are some of the most well-rounded athletes.

I graduated Stellenbosch University with degrees in Sport Science & BSc High Performance Sport. It is during my time here that I found my love for weight training.

I combine my conventional sport science knowledge with my gymnastics background in my client’s programs. It’s something I can offer that most other PT’s don’t have the experience or knowledge in.

Jaryd Mostert - Junior Olympic Champion Gymnastics
JAryd Mostert - The Honest PT - Pro Athlete
The Honest PT - Sports Massage

I’ve worked with amateur to professional athletes in many sports including soccer, water polo, rugby, track & field. I’m well versed in strength & conditioning as well as recovery methods like sport massage.

I love the contrast between working with athletes & regular people, just starting their journey of fitness & health. 

After completing my degrees I got the opportunity to travel & work on cruise ships, as a PT. This is where I found my second love, educating people about health & fitness.

Jaryd Mostert - The Honest PT - International Seminar - summit

I noticed all the bad advice, well-meaning but uneducated trainers gave people, especially on social media.


Thus, The Honest PT was born, cutting through all the B.S of the industry, no detoxes or quick fixes.

Just REAL RESULTS that will last.